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『Nox Noctis OOC』
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Nox Noctis OOC Community
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Noc | Noctis invites you to South Korea; year 2032. Here you will walk amongst the creatures of myths. The societies are being divided into three sectors. Vampires, Lycans, and Humans. As all three battle for dominance over Earth, chaos cannot be avoided. No matter which side you chose, the choice is to live or die. Let the game begin.

Nox | Noctis OOC
This community is the OOC community for the Nox | Noctis roleplay game. Things posted here include plotting posts, profiles roleplayers may put up here, and other tidbits. The OOC community has its own list of rules, which can be found here. Listed below are the overall rules of the roleplay game.
1. A player can only have two muses at a time. Since the community is still new, this will be the limit, but later on, when there are more players in the game, the limit may be raised.

2. When joining, you must have a separate RP journal for your muse. No shared journals, main journals, writing journals, or anything like that. Just one journal for that one muse.

3. AIM Screennames are required to participate in this RP. It is the easiest way for members to communicate outside of LJ, and is also needed for AIM RPing (obviously).

4a. Respect your fellow players. If you don't like someone you're playing with, then find someone else you do enjoy playing opposite, but have the courtesy to tell the player you're not going to continue, then close the post to new comments. Don't leave people hanging when you're playing - it's not fair to them and you're making a commitment to play here, so take it seriously as far as that goes.

4b. Don't force people into pairings they don't want. If you're looking for a particular pairing, ask the other player first and if they say no, then find someone else. If they're already paired up with someone, don't force them to break it...again, find someone else if you really must have an OTP. If they're into OT3s then by all means, but if someone says no, please respect that.

5. Oh, and Respect your mods! We do work to maintain this community and keep it active and running, so please try your best not to be rude to us. If you've got a complaint, just PM wethemods but please do it politely. It's hard to sympathize with you if you're up in our faces being an asshole. Oops, pardon the French.

6. BE ACTIVE! If you're going to apply and then disappear for weeks/months on end, then don't bother signing up. By signing up, you're commiting yourself to playing and being active, which means at least two posts per week. If you can't even do this little, then this isn't the game for you.

7. On the off chance that you find you can't play after sticking to the above rules (for instance if you lose internet, are moving, or other RL things BEYOND YOUR CONTROL) then you can either do one of 2 things - hiatus or drop. But be sure to inform the mods via PM or the hiatus post / drop post alternatively.

8. POSTS MUST BE A PARAGRAPH OR LONGER. It's no fun when you have one person writing up novel replies and then the other just writes itty bitty little one or two sentences.

9. Life has a bad habit of sticking itself in places it's not welcomed. Please try to keep this out of the game. If you do happen to get into drama, remember that this is just a game and try to resolve it as best as you can. Should problems arise that you feel you cannot resolve, please notify the mods. IC and OOC should not mix.

10. NO GOD-MODDING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This means that control of someone else's muse without their explicit permission is prohibited. Doing so will get you a warning the first time it occurs. The second time will get you kicked out of the game.

11. You're probably getting tired of all these rules now, but don't worry. This one's the last one and most easy. HAVE FUN. Now how easy is that? :D
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